One in Five Minds Handbook

Parents and key people in their support system are not always aware, informed nor equipped to face the challenges of a child starting to experience mental illness. In order to meet the needs of these parents, we are designing a series of practical handbook that can be downloaded, reviewed and shared at their own pace.

A Guide for Parents

img-Parent-Guide-285pxChildren’s Mental Health, a Guide for Parents is a downloadable handbook designed to help parents navigate the children’s mental healthcare system. This extensive guide serves as a great starting point , answering questions like: What is mental illness and what are the symptoms? Where can I seek care and will my insurance cover it? How can I get help from my school?

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Family & Friends Handbook

Family and Friends Handbook“How can I help?” is a downloadable PDF guide intended to help relatives and friends understand and respond to these parents in helpful and appropriate ways.

This FREE, 16-page, beautifully illustrated and practical handbook was written with the input of a group of 10 parents who have been through this experience and want to help others. It tells the story in a powerful way, and gives practical advice that anyone can use to be a caring partner.

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This video will answers common questions and concerns about children’s mental health issues and treatment. Please watch and share with those who need answers.


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