Is this my daughter?

Mar 20, 2015, 14:48 PM
Our journey began in 2013…I’m at work and got a call from my daughter’s dad who took her for a routine follow up appointment. On the other end of the call was her doctor who informed me that she felt we needed to take her to the hospital for evaluation because she has a plan to take her life and she is harming herself. I’m like, are you sure? Not my daughter? So we took her and discovered she as clinically depressed and was self harming, self medicating, being bullied at school and struggling with the tragic loss of a close friend. I never knew this was going on and I was and still am one of those moms that’s all up in my child’s business. My daughter has since been diagnosed as bipolar, schizophrenic, and has assaulted me. She has attempted suicide, been admitted to a treatment center multiple times and the long stay was 3 months. I thank God everyday for the staff and doctors at this treatment center. With them I truly believe I would of lost her long ago. Every day is a struggle and a journey that I know we will get through. There is light at the end of the tunnel that’s dark and alone. Just know as you look forward and see the light, never give up, hold on tight and just be strong. You can do it and you can help your child get to a better place. I know I will never have my daughter back the way she was before this, but I’ll take her as she is. She is my light, my sunshine, my darkness, my life, and my love. To all parents, just be ever vigilant of our children. They suffer in silence and you think it could never happen to you, but 1-5 children suffer from mental illness. We are 1 in 5…

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