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Learn, Share, and Speak Up.


Support the cause by staying in-the-know about the state of the mental health crises in our state and country. Here are some options to stay engaged:


There is a stigma that exists and the only way to break down that wall is to open up about mental health and start a dialogue. That first step begins with you.

  • Share a story about mental health that touches you. Online...or just tell someone. 
  • Take a stance and share the message with these advocacy tools: 

             Informative flyer (can be handed out, posted on bulletin boards or emailed)

             Facebook profile and cover images

             Shareable graphics

             Share the facts, infographic

  • If you or someone you know has struggled with mental health, share your story. It might help someone else feel not so alone.

Speak Up

It's time to take a stand. Here's what you can do to show your support and help us change the future for children with mental illness.

            Take them a meal to show your support.

            Send them a message of hope (email, call, text, social media).

            Ask what you can do to help--and mean it.

  • Speak out against words or attitudes that discriminate against or degrade children with mental health disorders. Words can hurt.
  • Be aware and let others know that any child considering suicide is to be taken seriously and should get immediate help by calling the suicide hotline or contact qualified counselors.


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Saturday, October 28th
Alamo Heights ISD Strong Minds Happy Hearts- A Conversation on Children's Mental Wellness

Saturday, November 11th 
Northeast ISD Strong Minds Happy Hearts- A Conversation on Children's Mental Wellness


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