Military Parents Guide to Children's Mental Health

Military Parents’ Guide to Children’s Mental Health

The “Military Parent’s Guide to Children’s Mental Health” helps active duty, National Guard, Reserve or retired military parents better understand their children’s behavior, identify stress responses versus mental health issues, and navigate the mental healthcare system.

This extensive guide is a great starting point for understanding the symptoms of mental illness in children, where you can receive care, what your insurance will cover, how to get help from school, and more.

Military Parents Guide to Children's Mental Health

Battle Plan for Military Children’s Mental Wellness

Military life isn’t easy. Families need to be prepared for constant challenges and changes. The “Battle Plan for Military Children’s Mental Wellness” is a two-part series designed to help military parents create a supportive, healthy environment for children during difficult times.

Part One answers common questions about effective communication, building healthy habits, correcting children successfully, and organizing family life with advice from military psychology and family relations experts.

Part Two equips you to navigate the unique circumstances facing military families and helps you set up your family for success through challenges like deployments, moves, injuries, and the emotional huddles that come with those events.