Military Parents' Guide To Children's Mental Health

Military Parents’ Guide to Children’s Mental Health

Military families are special. They face and surmount challenges that most other families can’t imagine.

These unique stressors can take a toll on even the most resilient children. But how do you know if it’s just a phase that the child can overcome or if there are bigger issues? If you decide to get help, what do you do and where can you go?

The Military Parents’ Guide to Children’s Mental Health is a great place to start. In this extensive guide you will learn about:

  • The common stressors and reactions that military children experience and their age-appropriate responses,
  • The difference between stress response and signs of mental illness,
  • Helping children build resiliency and knowing when to seek help,
  • The key warning signs of mental illness and substance abuse,
  • What help is available for military families and how to navigate it,
  • What other support is available from school, friend, family, support groups,
  • How to take care of yourself in the midst of these challenges.

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