Speak Out.

Stop the stigma.

The One in Five Minds campaign is not only a source of education for children and their families but an effort to end stigma and create hope for those affected by mental illness. Through education, powerful words and actions, we can shift the social and systemic barriers for those living with mental health conditions.

The first steps on becoming an advocate are stopping the stigma.

To stop the stigma we must..

Educate yourself and others

One in Five Minds’ goal is to bring education to your fingertips. Handbooks, resources, 24-hour hotlines, tips and testimonials are some of the many educational resources found throughout the website. By learning more about mental awareness and sharing it with others we turn “me” into “we.”

Talk openly about mental health

“Both of my daughters ages 19 and 21 were diagnosed with anxiety and depression at the ages of 15 and 16. They struggled in silence, but eventually opened up to me and got the help they needed.”

Show compassion for those with mental illness

“Everyone is human, we all need to take care of each other. We all go through struggles and having someone there for us makes us feel safer and more secure. I want others to heal and get better.”

Choose empowerment over shame

“I deal with the mental illness of my child every day. There are good days and bad days, but each is a conscience effort to battle the bad and appreciate the good. I will continue to fight for her and will continue to find the help we both need. I will work as hard as I can to help her get through this.”

Be honest about treatment

“I thank God every day for the staff and doctors at our daughter’s treatment center. With them I truly believe I would have lost her long ago. Every day is a struggle and a journey that I know we will get through. There is light and the end of the tunnel. Never give up, hold on tight and just be strong. You can do it and you can help your child get to a better place.”

Don’t harbor self-stigma

“I have been a volunteer with Clarity for the last 4 years and this placement was my first experience with mental illness in children. When I signed up, I was nervous and wondered if I could handle a position that was sure to be challenging. Seeing the kids light up is the most rewarding thing about my time volunteering. I know I’ve made a difference.”

This is what our collective voice sounds like. It sounds like bravery, strength and persistence. These are the qualities we need to face mental illness and to fight stigma. No matter how you decide to contribute to the mental health movement, become an advocate, speak out, stop the stigma.

Every day brings new hope. Every day, we have an opportunity to help create broader understanding of mental health and stopping the stigma. Replacing stigma with hope and education is what One in Five Minds strives for.

So help One in Five Minds spread the word. Become an advocate and encourage your family, your friends and your community to do the same. This initiative, this movement is our attempt to reverse the harmful effects of stigma.

Together, we will break the barriers on stigma by spreading awareness and provide support for every person who experiences mental illness. Together, we can make a difference for the better.

Speak out. | Stop Stigma. | Be an Advocate.