Make Your Child Stronger With You By Sharing Your Story!

Sharing Your Story is Part of the Solution.

Together we can break the stigma of mental illness by bringing it out of the shadows

By sharing our stories, we can help others to know:

  • They are not alone
  • Other people have gone through similar experiences
  • There are positive outcomes and people with mental illness who live healthy lives

Tell us your story. Tell us why children’s mental health is important to you.

You may type up your story here using the form below or share a link to a video story that has been uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Please note, we can only share the stories of those 18 years old or older, for privacy purposes. ** Note: We need a form below for them to complete ** The below content should be on top of the form we create

Please keep in mind:

  • We don’t provide feedback: We appreciate your willingness to share your story, but it is important to note we can’t respond to specific questions or requests for help. If you need help immediately, call 911. For non-emergency assistance, visit our Help & Resources section.
  • Be respectful: Please be considerate when sharing your story. We want to provide a forum for honest exchange, but encourage everyone to consider our wider audience when telling your story.
  • We review all submissions and may choose not to include or remove after posting if we feel it does not adhere to our Share Your Story Guidelines and our Privacy Policy. So please read them before submitting your story.

We thank you for your willingness to share your story.