Awareness is Key

Repeatedly placed into situations I had no control over, I felt powerless. I’m a child of an adult alcoholic. I never felt safe, validated, or loved. I had early experiences as a teenager with anorexia and depression. I was placed into a treatment center as an adolescent. What a confusing time. I later went to college and became a professional in the medical field. I later developed issues with alcohol. I am now five years in recovery. I had never addressed those early issues of validation and anxiety. I suffered many consequences and felt shame throughout all my consequences. I never realized that I developed maladaptive behaviors related to mental health issues. I have 5 boys—One with ADD and one with Autism/ADD. It is so important for me to identify feelings and seek out help and get tools so they avoid all the problems I had. Awareness is key to knowing how we deal with mental health issues.

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