At a young age, I saw a psychiatrist for the first time. It was a constant battle with my physical health, but I realized that I was not normal. I then started seeing a therapist. I have been diagnosed and misdiagnosed too many times and when I look at the paper with my official diagnoses I do not let it control me. I am not my disorders, they do not make me. What make me are my likes, dislikes, and personality. And as I sit in my bedroom right now writing this, I have a message for all of you with mental illness(es): You are not your disorder, never let it hold you down. And remember, recovery is one of the hardest things one can ever do, but you're doing it or you're about to start to. There will always be help from someone, just reach out. And even in recovery, there will be relapses and/or more hospital stays, but you are getting the help you want. What makes a good life is to be happy. Keep on pushing, I believe in you.

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