When I was in my undergrad, I worked with a family who has a son with autism. He was 7 at the time. I was hired to be his life coach and tutor. His severity wasn't high but he was what most consider nonverbal. He can speak, just chooses not to. The parents trained me rigorously for days on end. I would pick him up from schools and we would go home and work on school related activities, homework, and life long skills. He would have great days and he would have tough days. When he had tough days, I was challenged in a way I never thought possible. Sometimes he'd bite, spit, pull hair, kick, flip tables over among other things. He taught me so many things, patience and perspective were right up there, because of him I see the world in a different way. I am able to relate to other families even though I don't have children. I worked with his family for about three and a half years and had to focus on my school work. I still maintain contact with them and do the walk for autism with their family every year. I enjoy being an advocate on many levels. I do my best to raise awareness on mental health.

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