I am a single mom of 6. Three of my children were adopted. Two of the children have mental health issues. They have both been on medication for their disorders since the age of 3.YES, 3!!!!!!!!! They each exhibited rage disorders and destructive behaviors. Time out, spanking, talking didn't work. Clarity Child Guidance Center  has been a God send for me and the children. We have had a long road to get them where they are now, mentally, educationally, socially, and we really haven't even begun the life long journey. I had to make the decision to use K12 as an educational option for my children due to the bullying that happened in the conventional school setting. All 3 of them completed their respective grades with straight "A"s. I couldn't be more proud of them! We are working on meeting families this summer for socialization skills. It is so hard to find people willing to accept my children in spite of their disorders. It is also hard to watch the neighborhood kids have parties and not invite my children. I take them to the lake, the river, hiking, PLUS we have a pool, trampoline, merry go round, horse, and we live in the country. All this but none of it can replace human contact. Just another hurdle. This too shall pass!

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