I'm 17 and I have an interesting life. I am a victim of mental illness. I have ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Every morning I wake up and I hope that all of these diagnosis are gone, but they're still there. After getting ready for school I take my morning medicine. These include 225mg of effexor for depression and clonazepam for anxiety. After that the OCD begins. I count every step I take and every sip of drink, touching walls, touching my hands together 5 times, and many more. I have to do everything in multiples of 5. If I don't, I feel like something bad is going to happen to me. For example, I will get in a car wreck or die. This goes through my mind every second of the day. Once I get home I'm exhausted from my OCD. Before bed, I take 200mg of lamictal, 5mg of abilify, and 200mg of trazadone. These medications are for OCD, another depression medication, and for insomnia. This is my life every day. As much as it is to struggle with numbers in my head all day, being depressed, not concentrating, not sleeping and having anxiety, I have managed to have hope. Being able to cope with having mental illness is hard, but with the help from my family, friends and psychiatrist, I know I can reach my maximum potential. I remind myself that I will never be alone and there is always someone who cares about my success. If you feel like you have a mental illness don't wait for help to come to you. Reach out and get it. When you do, I promise you that your life will be ten times brighter.

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