My son had been dealing with depression and mood disorder for several months. He was only 13 years old. As parents, we tried everything. We have taken trips to the ER, appointments with counselors, psychiatrist, pediatrician, and everyone we could think of. Things were only getting worse. It all came down to an evening in April. He pulled out a knife in our home and was going to kill his family and himself. I had no idea what my call to 911 would result in, but two angels dressed in SAPD uniforms showed up. The men were professional and helped restrain my son, but still allowing him to have dignity. I thought Juvenile Detention was going to be the next stop but the officers knew that he needed help. They transported him to a treatment center where he spent 38 days. He has since entered a day treatment program. I am seeing my son coming back to us. I wish I could remember the names of the two angels that walked into my home that night. I am grateful they knew what to do and how to help my son.

From a very thankful mother.

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